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    David Roberts

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Rock Atlas

by: David Roberts

800 great locations


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Meet the Author
David Roberts is s freelance music writer and consultant, the former editor of the Guiness music books and editor or Rock Chronicles.
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Rock Atlas 2015

More than just a guide book to music locations
Rock Atlas has hundreds of stories which deliver a fresh, new insight into the lives of the UK and Ireland rock and pop stars. Where were they born? Why does a particular place inspire them? Why do so many locations mean so much to musicians and us fans? ROCK ATLAS has the answers.

Ever wondered how exactly Steve Marriott did got on with his neighbours, how Bob Dylan went ghost-hunting in Worcestershire, what a rude boys bedroom looks like, where Eleanor Rigby is buried or how the Jam are commemorated in their hometown of Woking, this is the book for you.

This fact-packed look at rock and pop, from an entirely different perspective, throws up many new revelations about our favourite musicians.

When you have read the stories, you can visit the places. Every one of the 800 ROCK ATLAS entries is followed by directions for how to find the iconic venues, record shops, statues, album cover shoots, childhood homes and festival sites.


SKU: 1250010052
Publisher: Red Planet
Publish Date: 2015
Page Count: 288

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“Rock Atlas”

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